The cooperative strawberry farm “Ecofruits” was launched in 2011 on the basis of Agricultural Servicing Cooperative LosyatynskeMolochneDzherelo. The farm was created “from scratch”due to the project “Development of strawberry cooperatives” and financed by Danone Ecosystem Fund, Heifer Project International, Dantrade and in cooperation with the ICF “DobrobutGromad” and Public Association “Innovative farming and co-operation”. Several auxiliary grants were also received by the farm from USAID and UNDP.

What we do

We sell 200-300 tons of strawberries and about 100 tons of raspberries every year.We have the following varieties: Arosa-4 ha, Clery – 0.5 ha, Deep Red – 4.2 ha,Polka – 3.5 ha, Honey – 5 ha, Asia – 4 ha.If you are interested in cooperation with our enterprise, you can fill in the form.

Our team

Employees of Ecofruits LLC

Kebaliuk Svitlana
Has carried out the management ofenterprise on growing the best strawberries in Ukraine for more than 5 years. The special responsibility field is accounting, finances and taxation.

Lesyk Liubov
Chief accountant
Is responsible for accounting policy, timely reporting and accruing of salaries at the enterprise.

Yusiuk Roman
Planning of work on the field, implementation of shift of crops, management of fertilization and application of plant protection products.

Zubkevych Serhii
Machine engineer
Monitors proper functioning and maintenance of machinery, devices and equipment. Provides order at warehouses, a refrigeration chamber and a thrashing-floor.


Our partners