The best berries for you:

Arosa – Mid-season Italian variety of strawberry of CIV selection (Consortium of Italian Nurseries). Harvest of Arose variety ripen at the same time as Elsantavariety. The plant is of medium force growth, relatively compact. Berry of the Arose variety has a correct tapering shape, rich red, big, homogeneous in size. The flesh is dense and juicy. Ithas a pleasant dessert flavor and a characteristic strawberry scent. Berries ripen slowly, so weekly harvesting is acceptable.Storability and transportability are reasonably good. The Arosavariety passes the winter wellin a climate of Ukraine. The Arosavariety is relatively resistant to diseases of the root system and leaves, particularly powdery mildew. It fare well exhausted soil.
Strawberry «Asia»
Asia- is a mid early-ripening variety of strawberry. This variety is fancied in Cesena, Italy, where it is very popular and widespread since 2005/ 2006.Berries are of oblong form, have a tapering shape, red, shiny, very big, the average weight of berry is 28-34 g. The flesh is juicy, flavourous, and sweet. Berries have a great taste because of high sugariness.Transportability is very good. Berries are stored for a few days.The bush is powerful, with a large number of flower spikes. It grows well in continental climate.Diseases resistance is high, especially to spot blilght. The variety is resistant to freezing and unfavorable environmental factors.«Asia» is very promising for cultivation for both personal use and for sale.
Strawberry “Clary”»
Clary – early ripening Italian varietyof strawberry of CIVselection(Consortium of Italian Nurseries). Fancied in 2002 by hybridization of varieties (Elsanta x FBGL 3) x Sweet Charlie. The plant is crowdedness, has a medium-high spread, is enough durable and relatively resistant to diseases of the root system and leaves. The Clary variety is suitable for growing on heavy soils. The Clary variety is very early-ripening plant, it ripens in unison, for 1-2 weeks earlier than Elsanta, productivity is medium-high. This variety is winter resistant, suitable for growing in all regions of Ukraine. Optimal planting density of the Clary variety on the field is 50,000 plants per hectare, when cultivating in understratum – up to 16 plants per meter run of a row. Clary is one of the best varieties for cultivation in closed and protected ground – berries gain color and taste even under low temperature and low level of illumination.
Strawberry “Polka”
Polka – average-late variety of Dutch selection. It was obtained by hybridization of varieties of Unduka and Sivetta. The bushes are of medium height, densely-leaved, form a large number of runners. Berries are equal, bright red, shiny, flesh is dense, juicy, of very high eating qualities, sweet like caramel, very flavorous, weight of berry is from 20 to 50 g. Berries are enough sweet even in milky stage and when growing in half-shade. When the weather is dry, it is necessary to water these plants, to avoid reducing of size till the end of season. Winter resistance of the variety – is medium, when winters are snowless it is better to protect them from frost with the help of shelters. Common garden strawberry Polka is resistant to powdery mildew, but is not enough resistant to gray rot.Advantages of the variety: high crop yield, frost resistance, not demanding in soil composition.
Honey – very early and new variety of American selection, perfect for northern and eastern regions of Ukraine.The variety allows getting an early harvest on the field (end of May – beginning of June).Berries are big, up to 35 g., dense, juicy, medium-resilient, has pleasant dessert flavor. The berries are wine-colored, of dull tapering shape, with a strong scent. Yielding capacity is high, 350-600 g. from one bush. Berries ripen in unison. The bush is intensively growing, sprawling. Leaves are large, light – green, leather-like and wrinkled. Flower spikes are at the level of leaves.The variety is highly resistant to diseases, especially to flagging, powdery mildew and gray rot.Plant is highly winter resistant. The variety is resistant to dryness, as well as resistant to rainy weather.Transportability is good.

Strawberry «Dipred»
Dipred – strawberry of middling quality has large bushes with large leaves and good root system. Flavorous, sweet, ofmediumsize, darkcherryberries. Transportable.