20.04.2017          2-nd International Forum “Berrying and Cooperation”

2-nd International Forum “Berrying and Cooperation” will take place in the framework of Agroport Lviv 2018 in Lviv, the heart of the region, which is the flagship of Ukraine for the development of berrying.

This event will bring together more than 200 small and medium-sized berry farmers, the best Ukrainian and European specialists, processors and official representatives of Ukraine, Poland, Germany and France.

Location:  168 Liubinska Str., Lviv

Organizer – NGO “IFC”

29.04.2017 Training on the topic “Strawberry and raspberry cultivation technologies, Poland’s experience”

Training on the topic “Strawberry and raspberry cultivation technologies, Poland’s experience” was held on April 29, 2017 in the village Pidgorodyshche, Peremyshlianskyi district, Lviv region on the fields of members of the ASC “Agrofrut”. Among present there were beginners in the berry business, and those who are only about to start it on an area of up to 1 ha, as well as berry-producers having long-term practice, heads or owners of berry plantations ranging from 1 to 10 ha.
During the training overview of berry plantations of the cooperative “Agrofrut” was made during which condition of the plant’s release from winter, state of development and fruiting potential in 2017 were studied by the example of specific plants.
Krzysztof Sac, director of the company “Agronom Plants” from Poland, was the head coach. My role consisted in answering people’s questions in the field, explaining and participating in round table discussion of the current problems of farmers.
Participants received practical recommendations on selection of varieties, methods of bedding and plant care. Specific features of the intensive technology of industrial strawberry cultivation were explained in detail. Namely: requirements to a plot for plantation, soil, pre-sowing preparation, planting, equipment and techniques for plantation care, main diseases and pests of culture, system of fertigation and plant protection.
During training the participants were acquainted with peculiarities of development and distribution of major pests and pathogens and methods of protecting strawberry and raspberry plantings against them. The cycle of development and geographic distribution of economically important phytophages and pathogens, their etiology, ecology, biology and peculiarities of the pathological process were presented. Peculiarities of identification of pests (insects, rodents, nematodes) and pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, etc.) were explained.

Location:    village Pidgorodysche, Bibrka, Peremyshlianskyi district, Lviv region

Organizer – NGO “IFC”

15.06.2017  Collecting strawberry for processing, quality requirements, control points, processes, logistics

Training on the topic “Collecting strawberry for processing, quality requirements, control points, processes, logistics” which was held on 15 June, 2017 in Pochaiv in the conference-hall of Reikartz hotel and on the fields of ASC “Losiatynske Molochne Dzherelo” (Losiatyn Dairy Source) from 11 to 17 o’clock was attended by 25 participants. The event was held in an intensive form, using visual support with animation effects, discussion, express quizzes.
During training the participants were acquainted with morphological structure of strawberry berries, physiology of culture, influence of various factors on condition and quality of berries. The purpose of practical tasks was to master the method of determining technological maturation of the berries, methods of tearing off the sepals, quantity of berries in specialized containers, condition of berries, cooling, palletizing …
All present became acquainted with the classification of varieties of culture, specific features of the most widespread of them, which are suitable for processing. Detailed explanations of the requirements to strawberries for processing were given. Namely: requirements to the variety, time of collection, quality control, storage on the field, transportation to the cooling chamber, initial control at the enterprise, quantity, quality.
The trainer’s check of the awareness, understanding of necessary definitions and concepts by the listeners and their reinforcement was accomplished through practical tasks and discussions between the trainer and the participants.

Location:  village Losiatyn, Ternopil region, office of the ASC “Losiatynske Molochne Dzherelo” (office + field practice)

Organizer – NGO “IFC”

24.06.2017            Event “Family holiday of strawberry”

1. Cognitive-entertainment program including: Tasting and information on the properties of at least 10 varieties of strawberries; Demonstration of equipment for growing strawberries; Practical skills of cooperation; Interesting facts about processing. And also: Family competitions on collecting, eating strawberries and other family-strawberry-professional skills; Children’s Zone; Fair; Interesting contests and prizes.
2. The opportunity to communicate with representatives of the Lviv regional state administration. The most important departments for farmers were present: the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Department of Agro-Industrial Development and the Lviv Regional Administration of Water Resources.
Guests had a chance to get acquainted with strawberry and raspberry cooperative fields, with the technology of berry growing and requirements to picking berries on the field, equipment. Also practical skills of cooperation, interesting facts about processing were discussed.

Location:  village Pidgorodyshche, Peremyshlianskyi district of Lviv region, the field of the cooperative “Agrofrut”

Organizer – NGO “IFC”

16-17.09.2017            Western Ukrainian congress of berry producers

This event is aimed at development of Ukrainian berrying, which will bring together more than 200 small and medium berry-farmers, berry cooperatives, processors and experts in berry industry.
The Congress will go on for two days. The first day will be devoted to sectoral issues – industry support, cooperation, market, creation of added value. The second day will be dedicated to technological issues of cultivating different cultures and visiting the festival “Beautiful glade” (Faina Poliana). The event is interesting because the reports and presentations will be combined with panel discussions, allowing to hear different points of view on problem issues and get feedback from farmers.
Organizer – NGO “IFC”

24.10.2017        Development of strawberry cooperatives

Training on risk management in the cultivation of raspberries in households. The aspects of how to achieve quality and get a higher price will be analyzed.
Location:   village Losiatyn, Kremenets district, Ternopil region
Organizer – NGO “IFC”